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Media Kit

Thank you for visiting our media kit. Simplus has been around since 2004. We involved since starting out as a technologies company. We offer mobile game and utilities apps. We also plan to provide mobile app marketing through our other website We are a small company with several employees. We are listed in the Better Business Bureau. 

                                                         Simplus Technologies Group, LLC
                                                         15 East Putnum Ave, Suite # 162
                                                                     Greenwich, Ct 06830

                                                            phone contact (877) 787- 0607
                                                             fax                       (866) 252-7779

                                                                     Profile: Eric Simmons
                                                                    Chief Executive Officer
                                                              contact us on our contact page
                                                                           (877) 787-0607

                                                                          Company Logos:


                                                                          Flying Anxiety Logo:


News Media /blogger and press coverage:

USA Today Article in Tech Section

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Press Release
Press Release         

One Of Our Videos On Youtube


Page ranks ( based on 3 websites) :  range from 1- 3 

Daily combined page views:                600

Yahoo & Dmoz Directory :                   Yes

Twitter followers :                                  15,000

Facebook Fans:                                        600

BBB membership:                                 Expired in good standing

Combined Youtube views :                 129,524
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